Murder for money

The saying “money makes the world go round” takes on a darker tone when money becomes the motive for murder, resulting in a messy and troubling situation. Throughout history, people have resorted to deadly acts driven by the desire for financial gain.

Elderly Safety: Time to get serious about elderly protection

There is a saying that not everyone is given the chance to grow old and that it is a privilege denied to many. How sad then that those who are given the chance to grow old, sometimes face neglect and abuse – not by strangers, but by those who are meant to care for them, including their own family members.

When mommy makes me sick: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Gypsy Rose Blanchard was born in 1991 and was still an infant when her mother, Dee, claimed that she suffered from sleep apnoea. By the time Gypsy reached the age of eight, Dee had falsely asserted that she had leukaemia and muscular dystrophy, insisting that she needed a wheelchair and a feeding tube.

Violence prevention starts at home and through positive parenting

Imagine what a different society we could have lived in if each child was raised by parents/caregivers who taught their children the principles of respect, support and love and where they were nurtured, cared for and disciplined in a positive way.

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