Brandjacking: causing confusion and harm

In the contemporary era of digital advancements, safeguarding a brand has assumed heightened significance, primarily driven by the escalating phenomenon termed brandjacking, alternatively recognised as brand hijacking, brand abuse, brand theft or brand impersonation.

Counterfeit and illicit goods: “Bargains” that come at a high price

The global issue of the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit goods is a multi-billion dollar challenge with significant economic and health implications for governments, businesses and consumers.

The fight against fake goods: The National Counterfeit Unit

Illegal mining can have severe and a lasting impact on the environment. Its consequences are broad and affect various aspects of ecosystems, biodiversity and the well-being of local communities. Criminal syndicates involved in illegal mining exploit soaring precious metal prices, without having any regard for the significant environmental devastation of their operations.

The hidden dangers of unsafe and expired food

When I buy fresh food, I pay specific attention to the expiry date of the food products to ensure that they will last a few days/weeks in my fridge. When I buy non-perishable food such as tinned, bottled or dried foods, I expect that the products on the shelves will have an expiry date which is not in the immediate future and that those products will only expire in a few months or even a few years’ time.

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