Stolen vehicles heading for our borders

It is no secret that South Africa has porous borders which organised crime groups exploit, challenging law enforcement agencies and custom officials. These criminals will take stolen and hijacked vehicles across land border crossings such as the Mozambique borderline as well as river border crossings where vehicles are taken through the Limpopo River into Zimbabwe.

Drugs … know no borders

For several months, the police closely monitored a ship travelling from Brazil to South Africa. Then, on 18 October 2023, just before the vessel reached the Port of Durban, authorities intercepted it. Mobilising various units and resources, they conducted a search and seizure operation on the identified containers.

Passports & Visas: Prerequisites to enjoy cross-border travels - for work and leisure

Planning a trip across our borders, irrespective of whether it is to visit one of our neighbouring countries, an exotic island or a country as far afield as in Europe, the Americas or Australasia, is exciting.

The Border Management Authority: tasked with securing SA's borders

The increasing risk of organised cross-border crimes, along with the illicit movement of people and goods, is becoming a substantial and growing concern in South Africa, resulting in adverse social and economic consequences for the nation.

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