Murder for money

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By Kotie Geldenhuys
Photos courtesy of Pixabay

The saying “money makes the world go round” takes on a darker tone when money becomes the motive for murder, resulting in a messy and troubling situation. Throughout history, people have resorted to deadly acts driven by the desire for financial gain. Globally these people, driven by greed, come from diverse backgrounds, yet they share a common determination to get rich quick irrespective of the cost. Some choose to do the dirty work themselves and directly carry out the killings, while others opt for hiring contract killers to achieve their aims.

Financial gain serves as a motivating factor wherein the perpetrator stands to profit financially from committing murder. Examples of such crimes include “black widow” murders, murdering one’s parents for inheritance and serial murders associated with insurance or welfare fraud. While this article will primarily focus on these examples, it is important to note the potential that they can overlap.


[This is only an extract of an article that is published in Servamus: May 2024. This article is available for purchase.]

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