Strong, impressive and innovative SAPS witnesses – S v Akhona Ntombana

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Case law:
There are still strong, impressive and innovative SAPS witnesses – S v Akhona Ntombana, case no 54/2022, circuit court sitting at the town of Komani (previously Queenstown), dated 29 November 2022 (ECG)

Mr Akhona Ntombana (hereinafter referred to as the “rapist”), appeared before the circuit court* (“the court”) sitting at Komani, on various charges, inter alia, four counts of rape and apparently also one count of attempted rape.

The first rape occurred on 3 December 2021 before 11:00 and close to the Egqili High School, Hilton, in the town of Aliwal North in the Eastern Cape. The complainant was Ms ML who was grabbed by the rapist who is unbeknown to her, and dragged towards nearby bushes where he proceeded to rape her.

Ms ML noticed the clothing that the rapist was wearing namely khaki pants, a black short-sleeve top and dirty All Star tekkies. The rapist also wore a homemade balaclava, consisting of panty hose with cut-outs for the eyes. The rapist was also carrying a knife and a stick.


[This is only an extract of an article that is published in Servamus: October 2023. This article is available for purchase.]

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