Vehicle crashes/collisions: Prevention, action and reporting

For most road users, vehicle crashes are extremely inconvenient especially when these crashes result in major traffic jams. However, as road users, we must be much more concerned about vehicle crashes as injuries sustained during such crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young people aged between five and 29 years.

The illegal trade in stolen vehicle parts

The illicit trade in stolen vehicle parts and the existence of chop shops represent a dark underbelly of the vehicle industry. Operating within the shadows, these criminal enterprises thrive on the demand for inexpensive vehicle parts and the desire for quick profits.

Car seats: Lifesavers or hindrances?

Children and babies are extremely innocent victims. When they are small and cannot voice their opinion yet, they do not have a choice but to accompany their parents or siblings when they go somewhere.

In the process, they often become the victims of road crashes – either as pedestrians or when they have not been buckled up in a proper restraint when travelling in a vehicle.

Syndicates behind vehicle thefts

Many of us have experienced the unfortunate event of having our vehicle stolen. Picture yourself leaving a building, only to find that your parked vehicle has mysteriously vanished within minutes. The array of emotions and the subsequent difficulties of reporting the theft and initiating an insurance claim linger vividly in many victims’ minds.

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