Strong, impressive and innovative SAPS witnesses - S v Akhona Ntombana

Case law:
There are still strong, impressive and innovative SAPS witnesses – S v Akhona Ntombana, case no 54/2022, circuit court sitting at the town of Komani (previously Queenstown), dated 29 November 2022 (ECG)

Mr Akhona Ntombana (hereinafter referred to as the “rapist”), appeared before the circuit court* (“the court”) sitting at Komani, on various charges, inter alia, four counts of rape and apparently also one count of attempted rape.

A bizarre case - S v Mashaba, High Court, Mbombela ref no R29/2022 dated 8 December 2022 (MB)

In the words of the High Court (sitting as a review court) in Mbombela in Mpumalanga, this is “a bizarre case” (Afrikaans: ” ‘n bisarre saak”). It can best be described by reading the verbatim (word for word) judgment of the Mbombela review court, namely in paragraphs [1] to [6], where the review court remarked that –

“[1]. This is a bizarre case in which a man who did not stand trial or face any charge, found himself being convicted and sentenced by a court of law.

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