Police members on gangs’ payrolls

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By Kotie Geldenhuys
Photos courtesy of Freepik and Unsplash

When D/W/O Sivan Naidoo of the Hawks testified in the Verulam Magistrates’ Court in April 2024, he stated that Anthony Gounden, the alleged leader of the “Tatu” gang, who was facing charges for the attempted murder of an off-duty metro police officer on 9 March 2024, had significant influence over members at Verulam Police Station. W/O Naidoo mentioned that some detectives were on Gounden’s payroll and that corrupt police officials were aiding drug dealers in establishing security companies to gain access to firearms. He further informed the court that his team had taken over the investigation due to reluctance from Verulam detectives to proceed with the investigation. When D/W/O Naidoo opposed Gounden’s bail application, he cited eyewitness accounts linking Gounden to the crime and rumours of his involvement in drug trafficking, as well as his alleged control over Verulam Police Station. He highlighted a recent incident where a constable from Verulam SAPS was arrested for transporting drugs and moonlighting as Gounden’s bodyguard (Somduth, 2024a). These revelations highlight serious concerns shared by honest and diligent SAPS members about the fact that certain police members are on gangs’ payrolls.

Corruption within law enforcement is nothing new and while we all tend to think of corruption as taking a bribe from a speeding motorist, corrupt police members engage in far more serious forms of this crime. Some run protection rackets, others collude with organised crime groups in trafficking (drugs, arms, humans) while some police members are in cahoots with gangsters.


[This is only an extract of an article that is published in Servamus: July 2024. This article is available for purchase.]

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