Explaining the new Section 34A of Act 12 of 2004

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In Servamus: June 2024 under the heading: “New Legislation 2024”, Pollex published excerpts from the Judicial Matters Amendment Act 15 of 2023 of legislation that are amended by Act 15 of 2023. This inter alia includes the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act 12 of 2004) (hereinafter referred to as Act 12 of 2004) into which a new section 34A is inserted.

A reader now requests Pollex to explain this new section 34A of Act 12 of 2004.

Note that this Judicial Matters Amendment Act 15 of 2023 appears in English and Afrikaans in Government Gazette No 50430 dated 3 April 2024 which, inter alia, means that one must consult both texts if one does not understand it.


[This is only an extract of an article that is published in Servamus: July 2024. This article is available for purchase.]

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